Veterinary Medication For Your Pet

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If you own a pet, then Veterinary drugs must be a part of your life. Your pet is a beloved family member who needs care and attention. Pets are vulnerable to infections or diseases. But finding the best cure for it is challenging.

However, experienced Pharmacists and Veterans genuinely understand the importance of care & effective medications for your pet. Thus, Fort Worth Pharmacy is here to treat your pet with sophisticated treatment.

Custom Compounded Medications

Same as other living individuals, your pet must have some specifications. For example, your cat can be allergic to something, or your dog might now be interested in tasting a distinct flavor. Your pet is a part of your family that needs to be taken care of as per its specification.

This is where the Compounded Medications comes in.

Custom Compounded Medications are uniquely formulated drugs to help the patient with diseases on his terms. These are formulated by mixing and combining different drugs, targeting many diseases prescribed by an expert veterinarian.

For example, your pet can show symptoms of multiple diseases at once. Or it can show some side effects of drugs such as allergies or indigestions like NSAID (Anti-inflammatory drug) causes. In such cases, instead of using the drugs with side effects, you can easily opt for Custom Compounded Medications.


Why Use Compounded Medications For Pets?

Custom Compounded Drugs are used to treat patients with strict specifications. These Medications help them cure their illness without making the treatment harsh for them.

Animals are highly sensitive to the smell and taste of commercial medications. For them, specifically formulated drugs help a lot. Therefore, the compounding pharmacy practice is getting popular with time because of its diverse application.

How do I get my pet to take their medication?

As pet owner ourselves, we are familiar with the daily struggles to make to our pet take the medications. Compounding pharmacists have partnered with veterinarians to address this problem with custom medications your pet will love to take.

The reasons your pet won’t take their mediation could be.

  • Your Pet is reluctant to the Form of Dosage
  • Struggling to Swallow the Drugs
  • Allergic to any Chemical or color
  • Unacceptable Flavour
  • Unacceptable Smell
  • Unavailability of Dosage, or
  • Interlinked diseases

How Compounded Drugs Helps You & Your Pets?

If your pet is diagnosed with any disease or infection, you will probably need medications. And if your pet has some difficulties with that medication, for example, if it can’t tolerate the ingredients of the medicine or can’t eat or swallow the medicine you are giving, then it will become a nightmare for you.

The best solution is to let your veterinarian know about the situation. Fort Worth Pharmacy can formulate your pet’s medication into a more agreeable dosage form that your pet can easily take or use.

That’s how the Compounded Medications help pet owners.

Easy To Swallow

Swallowing oral capsules or tablets may be difficult for your pets. Cats are famous for not taking oral medications, and it may be true for other animals as well.

With Compounded formulations, the prescribed drugs will be in a form that your pet can accept. Our Pharmacists really care about your pets and work diligently to find the right solutions to your animals medication needs.

Formulated For Your Pet

Is your pet allergic to some medicines?

It is one of the most common questions your veterinarian might ask you. Usually, dogs and cats are allergic or sensitive to many things, including medicines or other ingredients within the medicine. This is a prime opportunity to discuss with your pharmacist any compounded alternatives that might be available.

Available When Your Pet Needs

At times, medications may become unavailable in the marketplace due to manufacturing issues, or just low demand for the product. But, your animals still need their medication.

Compounded alternatives may be the answer and often times at a lower price. Working with your Veterinarian, our compounding pharmacists will formulate the same, or similar medication that fits your pets specific needs.

How We Can Help?

Fort Worth Pharmacy is one of the leading Compounding Solution providers. They provide Compounded Medications for your pets to help you with unique challenges.

At Fort Worth Pharmacy, we work with expert veterinary doctors to find the best solutions for your pets. Utilizing only FDA approved ingredients, our accredited compounding pharmacy assures that you will receive a quality product.

Our solutions can help any animal, including

  • Cats
  • Dogs
  • Horses
  • Rabbits
  • Birds
  • Ferrets
  • Reptiles
  • Even animals in zoos and aquariums!

With Custom Compounded Medication…Your Animal Will Eagerly Take Their Meds.

Compounded Drugs are designed and formulated to achieve the best result for your animal. Utilizing various dosage forms, our compounding pharmacist will work with pet owners to find the right solution that fits their situation.

Allergy-Free Treatment

Allergies are common in pets whether it be from the environment or medications. If the allergens can be identified, compounding specific “allergy-free” medications may be the solution.