Men's Health Medication

Men's Health

Men’s health medicine can address most common health issues if properly taken per doctor’s orders. On average, U. S. women live up to four years longer than their male counterparts. A major reason for this is how men avoid medical advice, medications, and hospital visits when dealing with preventable diseases. It’s common for men to ignore the signs that their health is deteriorating.

But it doesn’t mean that men can’t take control of their health by making simple adjustments or visiting medical professionals regularly. Men’s health is subject to a variety of specific problems, like low testosterone production, hypertension, stress management, and sexual health.

Men must share changes with their health with their primary care physician

Fortunately, men can address their unique health problems with special formulations by a compounding pharmacy. Custom compounding experts like Fort Worth Pharmacy work with Certified Pharmacy Technicians to prepare compound medications that satisfy male individual preferences.

Here is a primer on the health conditions men face and what treatments can prove helpful.

Facts About Men’s Healthcare

Men's Health

As mentioned above, men often don’t prioritize healthcare to the extent that they should. Most conditions that men suffer from are either treatable or preventable. In contrast to women, men show less interest or willingness in opting for screenings or preventative care.

This is detrimental, as early-stage treatment can prevent many medical issues from exacerbating.

There are several steps males may take to enhance their health. Here are some facts related to men’s health;

  • A major risk to men’s health includes heart disease, depression, stress, weight gain, and the tendency to participate in risky behaviors.
  • Men avoid visiting the doctor, which results in more cases, hospitalizations, and deaths from conditions that could have been prevented if treated earlier.
  • The natural aging process and use of harmful substances can negatively affect men’s sexual health.
  • Regular health screenings and checkups can help men live longer, healthier lives.

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Let’s learn about common health issues men face and how compound medication offers suitable treatment.

Common Diseases and Conditions in Men and Compounding Medication

Men, typically suffer from several of the same problems that women experience. However, each condition affects the sexes in a different way.

High Blood Pressure

Compared to women, men are at a higher risk for blood pressure until they turn 65. The condition may lead to many debilitating medical issues in which aneurysms (swollen arteries), heart failure, and a high risk of kidney failure, and stroke are common.

Compounded medication for high blood pressure can provide an effective and safe way for men to take doses while accounting for factors like interaction with other food.

Cardiovascular Disease

Heart disease is the underlying reason for 30 percent of male deaths in the USA. The lack of prominent signs before death from stroke or heart disease is the scariest aspect of the ailment.

The pharmacists at For Worth Pharmacy understand the nature of heart failure medicines and create formulations, and modify doses to provide a good mix of medications.

Mental Health Condition – Depression

Though depression and anxiety may affect anyone, male and female have different experiences. Males feel more irritable and tired when depressed.

Compounding pharmacy provides better treatments such as oxytocin, thyroid hormone T3, and bioidentical serotonin. Each treatment induces a positive effect, alleviating depression symptoms.


Sexual Health Problem

Did you know men spend billions of dollars on sexual health enhancement supplements and enhancement drugs each year?

Sexual health precisely refers to a male’s well-being in which they not only can participate but enjoy intercourse or sexual activity. Testosterone is the hormone that drives sexual urges in men.

Fertility Related Production or Delivery

The ability of males to produce or reproduce healthy sperm cells is a crucial part of sexual health. But many drugs may affect fertility in males by disrupting sex hormones like testosterone. This decreases fertility in men by blocking sperm production. This is a common cause of low sperm concentration.

You may use the following to address or treat fertility issues;

  • Clomiphene citrate
  • Anastrazole (Arimidex)
  • HCG and HMG drug

Pharmacy Compounding Medication

Pharmacy compounding customizes medications for the specific needs and preferred forms of patients. Fort Worth Pharmacy uses innovative techniques to customize medications for men’s health needs.

Whether you have diabetes, hormonal issues, or just want to explore long-term medication options that aren’t a hassle, take a minute and speak with our pharmacists at 817-361-9960.