Drug Shortages in Fort Worth, Texas

Is your pharmacy always out of stock?

Prescription Medication Shortage?

Fort Worth Pharmacy may be able to compound the same, or similar medication for less!

Medication Shortage

Millions of Americans rely on regular deliveries of essential medicines or medical ingredients to treat chronic conditions or fill their doctor’s prescriptions. But from time to time, certain medicines become unavailable due to drug shortages, affecting either local pharmacies or significant medical industries.

Fort Worth, Texas individuals who are unable to acquire their medications reliably should turn to compounding pharmacies. Compounding pharmacies create medicine in the exact dosage and formulation you require.

Why Do Drug Shortages Happen?

The healthcare industry is massive, and drug shortages can happen for a wide range of reasons. Modern medicinal products use various active and inactive ingredients utilize single-source ingredients. For these reasons, drug shortages can happen when individuals need medication for temporary or chronic conditions.

Drug shortages can impact your health. Compounding pharmacies can formulate common medications.

    Drug shortages often occur because:

    • Certain ingredients aren’t available
    • There are shipping issues with ingredients or completed medications
    • World events have slowed trade in general, as happened with COVID-19
    • And sometimes, pharmacies just cannot fill your Rxs in a timely manner

    Unfortunately, many people who rely on steady deliveries for critical medication cannot wait for regular pharmacies to get their stocks back. In these cases, compounding pharmacies can be a viable alternative.

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    How Can Compounding Pharmacies Help in a Medication Shortage?

    A compounding pharmacy is a specialized type of pharmacy that can create suitable drugs for various ailments or conditions using FDA-approved ingredients while not necessarily creating FDA-approved medication.

    Compounding pharmacies take ingredients from regular medication, then combine those ingredients into appropriate medication for patient needs.

    In either case, compounding pharmacies can create medication with the exact dosage, and formulation requires a particular patient’s unique needs. Compounding pharmacies are helpful since they:

    • Allow patients to get the medication they need without having to wait for traditional restocks
    • Make medication to the exact specification required for patient health
    • Have medical professionals who know what they’re doing
    • Do not create compound medication using illegal or inappropriate ingredients

    Compounding pharmacies are as safe as traditional pharmacies. Remember, they use every day, safe medical ingredients when creating their products. But it’s also important to note that any compound medication from a compound pharmacy is not FDA-approved, and never will be due to the significant costs involved in the FDA drug approval process.

    Benefits of Compound Medication?

    Compound medication can be advantageous for some people, especially if they need medication quickly but their local pharmacy doesn’t have what they need due to a shortage. Like all health decisions, it’s smart to speak to your doctor before making any medical changes to cover all of your bases.