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Fort Worth Pharmacy has been specializing in customized medications for patients’ unique medical conditions and individual needs since 2006. Compounding is the art and science of making medications from raw materials. We utilize state of the art equipment and techniques to produce medications for your individual needs. Our staff of highly trained professional is here to make sure that you receive the utmost quality when it comes to your medication. Compounding may or may not cost more than conventional medication. Its cost depends on factors such as the type of ingredients and equipment required, plus the time the pharmacist spends researching and preparing the medication. Fortunately, compounding pharmacists have access to pure-grade quality chemicals which dramatically lower overall costs and allow them to be very competitive with commercially manufactured products.


Fort Worth Pharmacy is an experienced and detail oriented pharmacy based in Fort Worth, Texas. We specialize in many types of compounded medications for a wide variety of uses, including:

• Dermatology

• Hormone Replacement

• Libido Enhancement

• Weight Management

• Men’s Health

• Woman’s Health

• Urological

• Backordered & Drug Shortage


From the beginning, our pharmacists have recognized the importance of embracing, and adhering to, nationally accepted standards for the practice of professional compounding.

Fort Worth Pharmacy’s Standard Operating Procedures encompass strict guidelines for the preparation of compounds to assure uniformity and quality. We verify each step of the compounding process.


The ability to combine one or more chemicals into a new preparation is the unique domain of a compounding pharmacy. Our pharmacists combine art and skill to create new formulations and unique dosage forms that were previously unavailable. To do this correctly, state-of-the-art technology and advanced training is crucial.

• We are equipped with networked electronic balances that accurately weigh chemicals in minute increments.

• Our powder hood is top-of-the-line to protect our staff.

• Our ointment mills and homogenizers reduce particle size, resulting in smoother suspensions and creams.

• We utilize specialized compounding software designed to enhance process safety and accuracy of data and formulations.

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